Long Distance CALL

 How's distance learning going in your school?
Let's find out together... 

Introducing Long Distance CALL. Derived from the evidence-based Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning (CALL), Long Distance CALL takes the same approach to assessing and supporting school-wide leadership.

What is Long Distance CALL?

Why use Long Distance CALL?

Even though schools are operating in the remote teaching and learning context, school improvement work needs to continue. In fact, it is now more important than ever to focus on ongoing school improvement.

In addition, Long Distance CALL:

The videos below provide an introduction to Long Distance CALL and a demonstration of the reporting system as well as an introduction to the Leadership for Learning (L4L) Coaching Process.

More about Long Distance CALL

After the Long Distance CALL survey activity has been implemented in a school, school leaders can work with the Leadership for Learning (L4L) Coaching Process for ongoing support in leveraging the action-based data to create action steps.

Long Distance CALL assesses school-wide leadership practices in the following core domains: 

  1. Focus on Leadership for Sustained School Growth
  2. Prioritize Learning for All Students in All Contexts
  3. Support and Enhance Instruction
  4. Build Professional Nested Learning Communities
  5. Maintain an Effective & Inclusive Learning Environment

 Contact The CALL Team for more information and a one-to-one demo of the Long Distance CALL System.