CARE Coaching Team

The CARE Coaching Process at WCEPS combines practical data with personalized coaching sessions. Upon using tools such as CALL and WIDA SIS, our CARE Coaches work with school and district leaders to create supportive relationships that enable leaders to identify opportunities for growth and action steps for ongoing improvement.

WestEd Team

The CALL Team is proud to work with WestEd's School Improvement team in implementing Four Domains CALL, aligned to WestEd's Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement framework. The WestEd team provides invaluable support to state, district, and school leaders in leveraging CALL data to support continuous improvement planning.

Principal Investigators

CALL was developed as part of a 4-year grant from the Institute for Education Sciences (IES) in the US Department of Education. Researchers from the highly esteemed Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (ELPA) at the University of WisconsinMadison created, piloted, and validated the CALL survey and formative feedback system.