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Long Distance CALL

A Time to Be Responsive

Schools are embarking on a wholly unique school year, and school leaders are preparing to lead schools in ways they never could have imagined and for which few are fully prepared. As school leaders, teachers, students, families, and district-level leaders engage in remote schooling, it is as important as ever, if not more, to engage in school improvement work. And that process begins with an effective needs assessment that provides targeted, action-based data for improvement, no matter the context of the school. And for those that are in the position of supporting schools and school leaders, developing tools to support this process is paramount.

Ten years ago when a team of researchers developed the Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning (CALL) to assess and support school-wide leadership, we did so through the lens of schools operating in person, in a building. As the situation in schools has changed suddenly and rapidly, the CALL Team felt compelled to respond. We worked with experts in school leadership to adapt CALL to assess leadership practices in the remote teaching and learning school environment.

Long Distance CALL

Like the original version of CALL, Long Distance CALL uses a distributed leadership lens to measure school-wide practices that enhance teaching and learning through an online comprehensive survey. Upon completion of the survey, school and district leaders receive immediate action-based data to support school improvement. The benefits of using Long Distance CALL include:

  • The opportunity to assess the effectiveness and opportunities for growth in the remote teaching and learning school environment
  • The opportunity to collect data for school improvement during a time in which data-collection is challenging
  • The opportunity, within Long Distance CALL itself, to compare data from the in-person and online school environments
  • Given the online functionality, the ability to take the Long Distance CALL survey anywhere
  • The ability to view results immediately after survey administration to identify areas of strength and improvement needs

School leaders, teachers, and instructional support staff are eligible to take the Long Distance CALL survey and provide input on school processes, activities, programs, and various leadership practices. 

After the survey has been administered, we offer support to leverage Long Distance CALL data through the Leadership for Learning (L4L) Coaching Process.

Feel free to take a sample Long Distance CALL Survey and view a sample report.

For more information, please contact us.

Looking forward to connecting with you to learn how we can best support you and your schools,
The CALL Team