Personalized Learning

The CALL for Personalized Learning survey (CALL PL) has been developed specifically to evaluate eight key practices of personalized learning. CALL PL asks educators and leaders questions that evaluate the level of student choice and personalization.  Upon completion, teachers receive individualized formative feedback, leaders get school and district level reports.

What is CALL PL?

Why use CALL PL?

Technology can increase the capacity of schools, especially in terms of differentiation and engaging student interests, or it can provide marginal gains in existing systems.  Becoming more equitable requires that teachers and leaders change their practices to personalize teaching and learning, especially in the time of emergency remote schooling.

In addition, CALL PL:

More about CALL PL

CALL PL evaluates classroom, school and district practices in the following domains:

1. Building Relationships for Learning
    1. Conferring for Learning
    2. Using Learner Profiles

2. Creating Flexible Learning Pathways
   1. Designing for Student Choice
   2. Grouping for Student Needs and Interests

3. Assessing for Learning
   1. Using Competency Based Progressions
   2. Using Authentic Assessments

4. Developing Flexible Learning Environments
   1. Designing Learning Spaces
   2. Using Digital Tools and Media for Learning

Contact the CALL Team for more information and a one-to-one demo of the CALL PL system.