CALL for Equity-Centered Leadership (CALL-ECL)

The CALL-ECL Equity-Centered Principal Pipeline Initiative project studies urban school district efforts to prepare equity-centered school leaders. The project will document the development of principal development pipelines, trace the growth of professional networks, and develop data tools to support the practices of equity-centered leaders in schools.

As part of this project, The CAL-ECL team is developing a version of CALL that measures and supports key equity-focused practices for principals to create the conditions for improving teaching and learning across schools.

CALL’s unique approach to survey design and inquiry will permeate throughout the CALL-ECL tool. The result will be the first of a its kind: a task-based, action-oriented survey and feedback system that focuses on the critical work leaders (formal an informal) can do to improve school-wide practices that promote equity, strengthen instruction, and enhance student learning.

More updates will be provided as the project progresses. Contact us for more information.