Survey Items

The Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning (CALL) utilizes a Distributed Leadership framework to measure leadership. This is a departure from the traditional approach to assessing leadership has focuses solely on the principal. For example, a traditional survey of school leadership could include the following question:

How effective is the principal in implementing professional development activities?

For this item, the principal is the target of the question. However, it may be the case that in a given school, the principal is not implementing professional development activities. It could be an assistant principal, a teacher leader, or maybe a district leader. The fact is that it matters less who is doing this work compared the quality of the work itself. With that in mind, the following CALL item inquires about the same construct:

For this question, the focus is on the actual activity itself. And survey respondents (teachers, staff) are engaged in reflection and considering how these activities impact their work. You can also see how the data for that question is displayed in the CALL Data Feedback Reporting System.