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Introducing: CALL for Personalized Learning

Introducing: CALL for Personalized Learning

The Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning (CALL) has just launched a new assessment and feedback system with a unique approach: CALL for Personalized Learning (CALL PL). CALL PL leverages the unique CALL assessment system to measure practices of personalized learning. Upon completion of a survey on practices of personalization in the classroom, CALL PL creates reports at the teacher, building, and district level to inform instructional design for student-centered personalized learning.

Personalized learning is about more than just technology. It combines a wide array of practices and principles to support student needs and interests. The core idea of personalization is the development of student agency. When students make meaningful decisions about their learning, they are more engaged and tend to learn at a deeper level. Effective personalization entails involving students in the co-design of learning activities based on individualized learner profiles. Because personalized learning reimagines many of the most basic features of schooling, it requires many new leadership strategies and supports

What is CALL PL?

CALL for Personalized Learning (CALL PL) is a new tool to assist in evaluation and professional learning. CALL PL provides teachers and leaders with data about eight key practices of student-centered personalization. CALL  PL is an assessment activity that helps teachers reflect on their practice, assists leaders in making decisions, and supports generative conversations about improving schools.

CALL for PL Key Practices of Personalized Learning

CALL for PL identifies eight key practices in four domains.  The practices are design principles that help educators to work with students to build powerful personalized experiences.  Each practice generates student agency and engagement for deeper learning.  The survey maps practices on a four point scale, from system driven to student-led.

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