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Four Domains CALL in Utah

The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) has entered into an exciting opportunity with WestEd to provide a school improvement assessment and feedback system for schools identified for Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI). To support TSI schools' leadership and continuous school improvement work, USBE has enabled access to the Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement version of the Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning (CALL). 

What is Four Domains CALL?

Provided and supported by WestEd, the Four Domains CALL System is an online school- and district-wide leadership assessment and feedback system. The system begins with an opportunity for staff to communicate what they are experiencing for each of the practices within the Four Domains. Through the process of contemplating their responses to the survey, staff members will learn what desirable routines, tasks and practices might look like in schools that are transforming. Additionally, the summary data from the school will provide insights into how the routines, tasks and practices compare to other schools that have taken the survey. Rather than focus on an individual leader, the system utilizes multi-source comprehensive surveys to assess core leadership practices that are distributed across the school and/or district.

Upon completion of a Four Domains CALL survey, school and district leaders receive immediate targeted data and feedback designed to support school and district improvement. Please click below for a sample school-level survey and a sample school-level report:

What are the Benefits for Using Four Domains CALL?

Four Domains CALL provides action-based data to school leadership teams and district-level leaders for school improvement planning. Other benefits for using Four Domains CALL:

  • Aligned to the Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement Framework
  • Can be applied to Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA)  
  • Provides targeted data for more efficient school improvement planning
  • Provides strategies and suggestions for developing action steps
  • Supports data-informed conversations about practices that may be positively impacting change efforts, and those that may be holding back the potential of planned initiatives.

The LEA Version of Four Domains CALL

The Four Domains CALL LEA-Level survey and feedback system measure key leadership practices district-wide that are aligned to the Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement framework. Upon completion of the survey, district leaders receive immediate targeted data and feedback designed to support district-wide school improvement planning and professional growth. Please click below for a sample LEA-level survey and a sample LEA-level report.

Ideally, for LEAs with multiple TSI schools, the LEA would administer the school-level Four Domains CALL survey to the eligible schools and administer the LEA-version. That way, LEA leaders can identify needs across their schools and assess their own practices in target areas for improvement.

Samples of Four Domains CALL Action-Based Data

Four Domains CALL data at the practice-level within the online reporting system


Four Domains CALL data at the item-level within the online reporting system


How Do I Sign Up?

All schools in Utah are eligible for this opportunity. Please contact James Martin at for more information. Detailed information about this opportunity has been shared with Superintendents, Title I Directors, Assessment Directors, and Special Education Directors.