Read about CALL in the New York State Councilgram

July 27, 2017 | Categories: News

In the recent edition of the Councilgram, an article on page 10 described how a NY school district is using a unique school leadership assessment system to guide their school improvement work. 

The survey system referenced in the article, the Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning (CALL), is a tool for Principal Supervisors to support and develop school leadership.

Developed and validated at the University of Wisconsin, CALL is an online school-wide assessment of distributed instructional leadership. Rather than focus solely on the principal, the CALL system measures specific leadership practices that are distributed throughout a school. As a result, school leaders receive action-based data to support their work.

Mineola Public Schools (NY) used CALL over the past two school years to support school-wide leadership and school improvement planning. A Mineola principal, Margarita Maravel, had this to say about her experience using CALL:

We were able to identify in what areas teachers needed more support, and have since provided some of those opportunities...I am hoping to receive more feedback from teachers on how to best support them. When teachers are supported in key areas, and we work together as a team, everyone benefits.

Read more about Ms. Maravel's CALL experience.