Joining the SDI Working Group at SCASS

October 30, 2017 | Categories: Essa , State Education Agency , Updates

Needs Assessment Under ESSA

The CALL team is focused on improving educational outcomes for all students. Our cloud-based system is in use across the country as a diagnostic tool to identify opportunities to improve instructional leadership. CALL interventions can be particular helpful in lower performing schools. Under ESSA, lower performing schools placed in the categories of comprehensive support and improvement (CSI) or targeted support and achievement (TSI) are required to develop and implement a school improvement plan, which the CALL tool can help inform and monitor.

Joining SDI, SCASS

To expand on our mission of improving education outcomes with a focus on CSIs and TSIs, we recently joined the School and District Improvement (SDI) working group, which is part of SCASS, an initiative of CCSSO. We are excited to contribute our experience with school improvement to help our colleagues create change in CSI and TSI schools.

During the recent SDI meeting, we learned how our colleagues in Oregon, Arkansas, Michigan, Delaware, Mississippi, Arizona, Alaska, Utah, Maryland, Ohio, New Jersey, Virginia were tracking toward the performance goals they defined in June. And, we participated as they furthered their planning for utilizing needs assessments and ESSA’s evidence-based requirements to strengthen education in identified schools.

It was an energizing and informative discussion! We are looking forward to meeting again with State Education Agency leaders in Miami in February.