How District Leaders Use CALL to Develop School Leadership

The CALL Team has been working with district leaders across the country to support their work in developing school leadership and promoting professional growth. Read more below about an effective district leader engaging in school leadership development. 

The Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning (CALL) is a unique tool for that measures school-wide leadership. And, district leaders use CALL to identify district-wide trends and individual needs that inform their important work of creating professional learning opportunities for their school leaders. 

Anne Prozan is the Manager for Leadership Growth and Development at the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) in California. Anne has used CALL to support OUSD principals by helping them to use actionable feedback on instructional leadership. According to Anne:

Although [CALL] results were not part of the [formal] evaluation, the process required principal supervisors to model how to obtain and use feedback to grow, in the same way we want principals to create leadership goals using an inquiry process for their evaluation.

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