Customizing Surveys to Fit with Organizations' Contexts

October 12, 2017 | Categories: Features , Services , Updates

Fond of the Foundation

One of the things we've learned working with schools and CALL is that educators very much appreciate the CALL approach to developing and asking survey questions: focus on the work people are doing in schools rather than focus on specific people. This is the distributed leadership lens that serves as the foundation for CALL, and it results in action-based data that promotes instructional leadership and a positive school climate.

Customization: Build Your Own

With that in mind, CALL offers a unique opportunity for thoughtful school and district leaders: using the CALL Task-Based Approach to Survey Design and Inquiry to create context-specific survey items. And, the resulting data from these unique surveys is presented in the enhanced CALL data and feedback platform.

This work began while working with Oakland Unified School District (CA). The CALL Team developed a unique set of questions around "Relational Trust" for the district. This was not an original CALL construct, but it was a key area that district and school leaders wanted to assess. We developed unique survey items by focusing on the actual work involved in developing Relational Trust rather than by asking teachers and staff to simply rate the levels of trust in the building. In other words, we utilized the CALL Approach to Survey Design and Inquiry to develop those unique survey items.

Sample unique item developed for "Relational Trust"

Given that CALL is a research-validated, school-wide assessment of distributed instructional leadership, the standard CALL survey has shown to be highly informative and beneficial. However, there are still questions district and school leaders want to ask...the CALL Team can work with you on that! Contact the CALL Team about developing a unique survey for your organization's needs and capturing that data in the user-friendly CALL Reporting System.