CALL User Stories

Eric Burling is the Principal of Burlington High School in Wisconsin. He has used CALL for four years to guide his school's school improvement work. Eric uses CALL data to build school-wide consensus and promote a collaborative environment. Read his story here.
Stephanie Jacobs in the Principal of Converse Elementary School in Wisconsin. She uses CALL as part of a Title I Focus and Priority School project with the Department of Public Instruction. Stephanie has used CALL to identify new initiatives to incorporate in her school. Read her story here.
Jill Oelslager is the Principal of Karcher Middle School in Wisconsin. Before her first year as Principal, Jill met with her leadership team to examine the school's CALL data from the previous year. As a result, before the school year began Jill understood the school's strengths and focus areas, which gave her a running start in her first year as Principal. Read Jill's story here.

CALL is: Practice Based

CALL assesses educational leadership as a function, not just a single individual. CALL surveys all educators in the school to measure critical leadership practices and suggest strategies for school improvement. Suitable for both elementary and secondary schools, CALL surveys all administrators, teachers, instructional support staff, and student support staff concerning leadership practices throughout the school. Its purpose is improvement of student learning to support practitioners in their work, not performance evaluation of employees.

CALL is: Research Validated

Developed by researchers at the University of Wisconsin, validated at over 200 schools across the country, CALL addresses the five domains of leadership practice most closely correlated with school effectiveness:

  • Focus on Learning
  • Monitoring Teaching and Learning
  • Building Nested Learning Communities
  • Acquiring and Allocating Resources
  • Maintaining a Safe and Effective Learning Environment

Four to five subdomains are situated within each of the leadership domains. These subdomains serve as the primary unit of analysis for CALL. Learn more about the CALL subdomains.

CALL is: Improvement Focused

CALL is a web-based system for efficient, anonymous administration. It provides actionable formative feedback including customized strategies and action plans for school improvement. Schools receive scores according to the five domains and 21 sub-domains, pointing to key leadership tasks that impact teaching and learning. Educators can use these reports, and linked resources, to improve school performance and professional learning.

Opportunities in Which to Use CALL

There are multiple purposes for using CALL. Here are some common use cases (learn more here):

School Improvement Planning
The CALL Data Feedback Report provides resources that school leaders can directly apply to their school improvement plans.
Professional Development
CALL identifies areas on which principals need to focus their time and energy.
Educator Effectiveness Systems
Districts can use CALL as part of EE systems that require surveys as part of principal effectiveness evaluations. Or, principals can use CALL to obtain formative data in preparation for their impending evaluations.
Common Core Implementation
CALL functions as a diagnostic tool that identifies the areas of instructional leadership that need more attention for a complex initiative such as Common Core implementation.
School Leadership Program (SLP) Grants
SLP grantees use CALL to assess their work of supporting schools and school leaders in high-need local education agencies.
School Leadership Preparation Programs
Principal preparation programs can use CALL as part of a self-evaluation of their program as well as use CALL as part of pre-service principals' field work.
Education Research Projects
Education researchers can use CALL in research projects to obtain an organization-level measure of school quality and apply those factors to subsequent analyses.

Acquiring and Using CALL

CALL is provided to schools and districts as an annual subscription. The subscription per year per school includes administration of the survey to all school staff, access to the data and improvement suggestions for the full year, and online professional development in the use of CALL. Customization of the survey, multiple administrations, custom reports, and in-person professional development are available at additional charges.

Please contact CALL for pricing information. Pricing at the district and state-level is available on request.

Interested in Viewing a Demonstration of the CALL System?

Contact the CALL Team to set up a virtual meeting in which the CALL Project Director will present the theory and research behind CALL as well as provide a demonstration of the CALL Data Feedback System.

For More Information...

Please feel free to pass along the CALL Brochure to your colleagues and other interested parties.

For more information, please contact CALL or contact the Wisconsin Center for Education Products and Services:

510 Charmany Drive
Suite 269
Madison, WI 53719
Ph: (866) 767-2225

What CALL Participants Say...

"This survey really opened my eyes to a lot of things that need to be in place in my school for students and teachers to really reach their full potential. I have created several next steps that I need to take to ensure these changes are implemented."
"I think this survey was the most creative and innovative way to see what exactly goes on in a school without walking inside of it and seeing it with your own eyes!"
"The survey makes you do some critical thinking about your school and causes you to reflect on what occurs in your school. Excellent questions, many of which we have been asking ourselves over the past five years as we have become a Professional Learning Community!"
"CALL would give our leadership team more of a feeling of where we are as a staff as a whole."
"We don't really take any surveys that really truly ask the true leadership questions like they did in the CALL survey."
"I'd like to use CALL as a baseline and then take this information and incorporate this into our school improvement plan and then see where we are a year from now."
"I'd like to administer it yearly so that I can see what gains or losses we're making in terms of our work. Our data team work is extremely important. We get anecdotal evidence from certain staff and so on…but I would like to have yearly CALL data so that I can track our progress."